US-UK free trade agreement

Shadow Trade Talks

date: TBC - location: TBC


Shadow Trade Talks

​IFT will host two rounds of shadow trade negotiations - one in London and one in Washington DC - at which American and British participants will sit around a table and hash out an “ideal” US-UK free trade agreement (FTA). The basis for the discussions will be a paper laying out the details of an “ideal” FTA, drafted by the CATO Institute. This paper will be discussed and amended during the negotiations.

There will be one participant taking part in the negotiations from each of the following US organisations: the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Manhattan Institute. And there will be one participant taking part from each of the following UK organisations: the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Legatum Institute, the Adam Smith Institute and Civitas.

After the negotiations, the final “ideal FTA” paper will be presented simultaneously at London and Washington DC launch events.

*Policy Exchange is not involved in this project, contrary to what appeared in previously published IFT material*

Shadow Trade Talks


Shadow Trade Talks