Poll: Almost 9 in 10 “Red Wall” Conservative voters back a new UK-Australia trade deal

PRESS RELEASE - 20 May 2021

Poll: Almost 9 in 10 “Red Wall” Conservative voters back a new UK-Australia trade deal

Research conducted by Stack Data Strategy for IFT, has found that:

  • 87% of Conservative voters in “Red Wall” constituencies are supportive of a UK-Australia FTA.
  • Amongst a list of potential trade partners, Australia was ranked as the second highest priority, after the United States.
  • Completing new trade agreements with countries outside the EU” was identified as the single most important thing the government could do in delivering on the promises made in the Brexit referendum.
  • The most popular arguments selected in favour of an Australia-UK trade agreement were that it will…:

“…show that the UK is taking advantage of the opportunities outside the EU to improve trade links with the rest of the world.” (85% support)

“…make it easier for people in both countries to provide services to the other.” (80% support)

“…lead to lower tariffs and increased trade.” (70% support)

IFT President, Lord Hannan of Kingsclere, said: “This poll should grab the attention of anyone interested in the political economy of the UK, and particularly the future of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson has begun repainting the Red Wall – this survey suggests that for those very same voters, a trade deal with Australia is a top priority.”

Background information:

  • UK businesses traded £18.1 billion worth of goods and services with Australia in 2019.
  • According to DIT estimates, an Australia-UK FTA could increase exports by up to £900 million; UK GDP by £500 million; and UK worker wages by £400 million.
  • Services accounted for 60% of UK trade with Australia. An FTA could unlock more open and certain terms for service providers in sectors such as accountancy, legal, engineering and architecture. It will also provide an opportunity to reduce digital trade barriers.
  • A reduction in tariffs will increase trade in goods such as cars, spirits and high-quality agricultural products.
  • An FTA with Australia is an essential step toward UK membership of CPTPP – a deeply liberalising agreement that covers countries totalling 13% of global GDP.

Note to editors:

This poll was conducted by Stack Data Strategy – a registered member of the British Polling Council, which upholds the highest standards ensuring “that consumers of survey results entering the public domain have an adequate basis for judging the reliability and validity of the results.”

The poll, conducted this week, surveyed over 500 people who voted for the Conservative Party at the 2019 general election and live in so-called “Red Wall” constituencies. The full tables of the results, and a methodology note, will be made available on their website within 24 hours of this press release: www.stackdatastrategy.com.

This is a flash poll designed to gauge a snapshot of current political sentiment amongst a particular portion of the electorate.


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Poll: Almost 9 in 10 “Red Wall” Conservative voters back a new UK-Australia trade deal